Monday, August 27, 2007

Part 3- "We are in the Game"

Here is part three of our Family story. This is a picture of Matt and I the night we found out Lisa was pregnant.

"We are in the Game"
August 27, 2004

I had just worked midnights and decided to stop by Lisa's house to wish her good luck with her blood work today. She was going for a routine hormone check but, they also checked her HCG (which is the pregnancy hormone). The nurse warned us it is usually too early to detect the HCG, but sometimes a small number shows.

When I arrived, I found Lisa and her husband Chris sitting out on their front porch. Lisa and I talked about how nervous we were for the results. Chris mentioned that Lisa had been acting differently, a little moody (sorry Lisa). He was convinced it worked really did not like us talking and thinking so negatively.

I went home and fell asleep on the couch. Around 1:15 PM, Matt came in and whispered, "Liz, Lisa's on the phone and it is good." I gathered my bearings and said, "What did you just say?" He handed me the phone and gave me a thumbs up sign. I will never forget the excitment on his face.

The first thing Lisa said was, "We are in the game!" I was in completed shock! Her HCG level came back positive and was already 68!!!

Matt and I were just elated. We have been waiting a long time for this day.

I can definitely say Matt and I have become a much stronger couple throughout this journey. We have learned to move forward and stay positive even through doubt and negativity. We have learned that the most important thing is to always love and support each other. By leaning on each other, the bumps in the road of life will come with a little more ease.

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