Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Visit From Auntie Marji

My sister Marji came out to visit us today. We decided since it was raining we would take the boys to Walmart. My sister does not have a Walmart by her so it was a REAL experience for her! The boys love going out in the rain so they can wear their new Nemo raincoats. The coats are so big, but they are really into Nemo. Too bad my sister and I did not have a raincoat like these, we got so wet from the down pour of rain on our way out of Walmart.



We bought the boys some Viewfinders. I have not seen these since I was little. The boys thought they were so cool. Note to self: Good activity while waiting at a restaurant.

We all had a great time visiting with Auntie Marji. Next time we will come out to the country and visit Auntie Marji, Uncle Chris and possible their new puppy!

Auntie showing Dom how to work her camera-

Joseph and Auntie-

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics so quick! I had a great time with you all yesterday! I think I will stick with Target though :)
Love ya.