Friday, July 27, 2007


I love the website Craigslist . It is similar to EBay but closer to a big online garage sale. On craiglsist people list items for a set price for local pickup. I have bought a few things from craigslist and have always had a good experience.

We took Dominic, on Monday, to see an Orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion about his Dennis Browne bar he wears at night. The doctor was wonderful and did a complete assessment. He said Dominic did not need to wear the shoes and bar anymore. He said Dominic's tibial torsion is so mild he will just follow him every year.

Now that Dominic does not need to wear his bar in shoes at night,I have been sadly shopping for new "big boy" beds. The boys are crazy about fire trucks so I am looking for the Step 2 fire truck bed on either EBay or Craigslist. The beds are small and only use a crib mattress. I just could not imagine forking out $450 for new toddler beds that they might use for a year.

I found an unused Step 2 bed today on Craigslist for $65! We pick it up tomorrow. I am not going to change them to a bed until the fall or early winter, but thought I would start looking. Now I just have to find one more. The boys are going to flip when they see their new beds!


Sue and Jerry said...

Love you guys!

Ryan and Melanie said...

That bed is sooo cool! We had Makena in a toddler bed (convertable crib) and she loved it. They only reason we moved her out of it was because of Brody. Toddler beds are great!