Saturday, July 14, 2007

We Might Have Started a New Habit...

If you notice in the below pictures, last night the boys pulled their rocking chairs up to the front door to watch the cars go by. They did this all by themselves and it was so darn cute to hear them name off the colors of cars driving by. As they were sitting there they heard the ice cream truck. I told Matt to grab some money so we could buy the boys some ice cream. I thought it would be so cute to see the boys order their first ice cream.

The "cool" blue truck pulled up and the boys order a Dora the Explorer bar.

They absolutely loved the whole process; the truck, the ice cream man, the music and the Dora ice cream bar.

The only problem is tonight they were outside looking for the blue "cream" truck. No truck in site tonight! Yikes!

We had a great day today. The boys had swimming in the morning. They both went underwater and love swimming. Unfortunately, the class is only 20 minutes long. It is VERY difficult to get them out of the water after 20 minutes!

They got their haircut and then we went to their favorite restaurant, Coney Grill. Of course they ran in and gave their favorite waitress, "Miss Danielle", a hug. To top off the day we went to Toys R Us to get some "Noodles" for their pool. Hopefully, it will be warmer tomorrow so we can put our pool out.

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Ryan and Melanie said...

They are just soo cute! We don't really have ice cream trucks out here and I totally feel like Makena is missing out! That is a GREAT summertime thing!