Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trying to Get Back to the Blog Thing...

I have been feeling terribly guilty about not blogging for almost a full year!!! It is something I love doing, but seems to get pushed down on my "To do" list.

I cannot believe my babies are about to turn 4 years old! It is difficult for me to even type that age.

The boys have been doing great. They both love preschool, which was not the case at the beginning of the year. Joseph had the hardest time transitioning, but within a few months he really grew to love his friends and teachers.

We just had parent/teacher conferences and I was so nervous. Why I was so worried about a 3 year old conference, only God knows. Seriously, they are only 3!!

The teacher started the conference out with a prayer which was so nice. She said the boys are doing so well. She told us the boys are an absolute blessing to have in her class, so well behaved and very kind.

Mrs. L. said Dominic needs to know where Joseph is at all times. Joseph cannot even go to the bathroom without Dominic. Too funny, because at home Dominic is definitely the more independent one of the two.

Words cannot explain how proud I am of my two boys. Honestly, I just love those boys so much. I know they had their challenges early on, but oh how far they have come. My heart is truly filled with absolute love and pride.

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Marji said...

glad to see the blog is back up and running. I love seeing pictures of the boys. What a great one with their hair all slicked up!