Saturday, September 11, 2010

34 Weeks!!

I can't believe I am 34 weeks!  Early on, my doctor said if I made it to 34 weeks we would have a party!  I am not sure if eating hospital ice cream counts as a party, but it works for me!

How far along34 weeks!
Size of baby:  He measured 4 lbs. 11 oz. two weeks ago.
Movement: He slept for a majority of my magnesium infusion.  It was really strange only feeling little movements for a day.  As soon as the infusion was done he woke-up and has been moving like crazy!  I think he is making up for lost time.  He also kicks a lot when I eat ice chips. I am not sure he likes me eating ice!
Sleep: I sleep okay in the hospital. Just in 1 hour increments.  Thank goodness I used to work midnights and do not have a problem going back to sleep!
Cravings:  Anything cold to drink.
What I miss:  The boys and Matt.  Even though I know the hospital is the best place for me, I still miss being at home with all my boys. 
Best moment this week:  Making it to my next big goal of 34 weeks.   Any time now!!

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Heidi said...

I am really happy you made it this far. What are you doing in the hospital? Do you have placenta previa? You look great. Good luck for an easy birth, Heidi