Saturday, May 12, 2007

First Post!

Well, I finally figured out how to blog! I have been trying to find time since Christmas to setup this website. The boys are at my parents house tonight, and my back is very sore so I have forced myself to bedrest. The computer is the only thing I have to keep myself busy.

My mom called and said the boys have been great. My Aunt Claudia and Uncle Bill came over to my parents and were able to see the boys. Joseph surprised everyone when he identified all of his letters!

My mom said the boys are eating her out of house and home! They really are good eaters. It amazes me that Dominic still loves his fruit and veggies!

Hopefully, I can keep this blog updated. I really want to journal some of our everyday happenings for the boys when they are older. I was not good at keeping a baby book or a scrapbook so hopefully this will serve as a family memory blog.

Happy Birthday to my sister Chrissie! We miss you!

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Jill Battaglia said...

Liz, you are truly an amazing person. THis website is awesome. You have done a wonderful job putting this together. You and Matt are wonderful parents.