Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!!

I can't believe this is my 3rd Mother's Day. It seems like just yesterday when I celebrated my first Mother's Day. Here is a look at my past Mother's Days. My boys are growing so fast!

My first Mother's Day-
2nd Mother's Day- Where am I?

Mother's Day is always a day of reflection for me. It is a day of thanks for all the special people who have made Mother's Day so special to me.

I am first thankful for my wonderful and inspiring Mom. My mom has always been a pillar of strength in my life. My mom was a stay at home mom. I am forever thankful for the time she dedicated to raising my sister's and I. I often wonder when I am going to grow-up and be a mom like my mom. My mom is always organized...Always had a home cooked meal on the table at 6pm... and never was too busy or tired to sit down and listen, support and love us. My mom's patience, love and dedication to family have made me a better person and mom to my two boys.

I want to thank Matt's mom for raising such a beautiful son. Matt is truly a special person. He is so loving, caring, kind and most of all a wonderful father.

Last but never least, I want to thank Lisa for allowing me to celebrate Mother's Day. It still feels like a dream. I can't believe my babies are 2!

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