Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Twin Connection

Despite his casts, Dominic has been in a wonderful mood. On the other hand, Joseph has had a real temper today. He keeps "eyeing" Dominic's casts and boots.

When I got home from work today I asked Joe if he wanted to try on Dominic's cast boots that were too small. He was all excited and would NOT take them off. As you see in the picture they are WAY too small. I finally coaxed them off him by mentioning the word "outside". I looked down at his feet and there were two blisters from the boots. First of all, I immediately felt neglectful, but then realized the boys have always had the same of everything. Maybe this is why Joe was crabby today. He was going to wear the same boots as Dom even if they inflicted pain!

We went outside tonight and played with chalk. They helped me color in the heart and add extra touches to the sign we made for Matt.

I think this picture is too funny. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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Rose said...

Thank you Liz, I am enjoying this website so much... bring tears to my eyes I miss you all so much!
Your both doing a wonderful job with parenting, your a great team!
The boys are so loved. Enjoy for they grow so fast.. I think thats why I have the tears.. for the years that we can't get back. I so miss those great times.
love n kisses Aunt Rosie