Saturday, June 2, 2007

Big Truck Show

Today we took the boys to the Big Truck Show. It was held at a local high school parking lot. They had every type of truck you could imagine. The boys absolutely loved it! The only problem was the heat! It was really too warm for Dom and his casts. I had to stop at CVS and buy a handheld fan and air out his toes! What a scene that was!



Daddy and Boys-

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On a personal note, I have found a new addiction. McDonald's now serves speciality coffees! I love the iced vanilla latte. Watch out Starbucks...McDonald's is movin' in! For the past 3 days I HAD to have an iced latte. Thank God, there is a McDonald's less than a mile away. The really sad thing about my coffee addiction is I swear the boys first combined words were "Mommy's coffee!" Something has to keep me up to speed with the boys!

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JMom said...

I had to come check out your boys after your e-mail. Such precious little guys!!!!