Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just a Little Patience

My girlfriend, Dana, and I went to JoANN Etc. with our kids today to look for pieces for a flower arrangement.

The boys were tired because I had them out at Target just prior to JoANN's. Now, I would not say they were being bad by any means, but they were excited and a little loud throughout the store. Just like any normal 2 year old would behave belted in a stroller.

When we went up to the check out counter of course there was a line. So we waited...and waited quietly until one of the boys spotted what he thought was a soccer ball! Oh man, that was it! They wanted that soccer ball! The thing is it wasn't a soccer ball. It was a black and white graduation hat/visor that maybe looked like something soccer because of the color.

The lady at the register called me up and I put my purchases on the counter. All along the boys were saying not yelling soccer ball. The lady bends over the counter and tells MY boys to be quiet they were being too loud! It took a minute for it to sink in, but did she just correct MY boys for something that was clearly not wrong? Then she looked right at them again, almost touching them, and nastily said "SHH"!

That was IT!

So being the non confrontational person I am, I asked her just that, "Did you just correct MY boys?" She said, "Yes, I think they are being loud and I can not take it". I said, "Oh REALLY, I think they are acting just fine and I am REALLY sorry you feel this way...they are only 2!"

The boys must have felt the tension and immediately were quiet the rest of the purchase. Way to prove me right boys!

The lady felt very uncomfortable because as soon as she was done ringing me up, she again leaned over the counter and said "I am really sorry, I just overreacted to the noise. They are such beautiful and wonderful boys"

What is wrong with people they are just two years old. Have some patience.

Here is a quote I love especially with twin 2 year olds:

Our patience will achieve more than our force.
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

Maybe I should have passed this quote along today.

At least the arrangement turned out beautiful. Thanks Dana!

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Ryan and Melanie said...

I cannot believe that happened!!!!!! Some people have such nerve!! I really like the blog and it seems like just yesterday that they were born. :)