Sunday, June 24, 2007

A little about Joseph...

I have decided to occasionally write about the boys separately. Today I am writing a little on Joseph.

Joseph is a very laid back- "go with the flow" type of a kid. He does on occasion have a slight temper. But, very rarely. It is almost funny when he has a tantrum because he is such a calm kid and then all of a sudden he throws a fit and I am like "where did that come from?"

Joseph loves to read and draw. He could do these activities all day long. We bought the boys each a special toy this weekend for doing so well in their therapy classes. I was a little worried because for the first time I bought two different toys. Dominic got a geotrax train with remote (his favorite), and Joseph got a Travel Magna Doodle (a magnetic drawing board). Both kids loved their gifts and there was not one fight! It is like they know what each other likes and respects it. Anyways, Joseph could not get enough of his "draw draw board" He had to sleep with it the first night!

I hate to admit this, but Joseph also loves to watch TV. But not just any TV show. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and his ABC and 123 Videos. He loves to learn and soaks up every learning opportunity. He is extremely patient when I teach him new things.

He loves to be outside on his swing and has just learned how to climb up the slide. He absolutely loves blowing bubbles as you see in the pictures below.

Joseph just started Occupational Therapy last week and during his evaluation he did not complain once and preformed all of the tests like a champ. His therapist said she has never worked with a 2 year old that has cooperated so much! He already loves his new therapist "lissa" (Melissa). I am so thankful he has always thought therapy is fun.

He is constantly complimenting me (and everyone else) on my hair and jewelery. He touches my hair or jewelery and says "Pretty, Mama" and gives me a huge hug. It is so sweet.

Joseph has been through a lot in his short 2 years of life but has never complained or crabbed. He is such a "happy go lucky" child and really enjoys life. He is a joy to be around and is my little snuggle bug.

I love these pictures. They really represent the special glow Joseph radiates and his will and determination in life.

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