Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Rocka Rocka"

My mom bought this great rocking horse for the boys at a garage sale last week. They both love it! They get on and chant "Rocka... Rocka".

They are getting better with the whole sharing and waiting for their turn concept. But, this rocking horse is way too "cool" so we have to sneak them on it separately. This saves a lot of yelling and potentially angry and irritated neighbors!

We took the boys to their swimming class this morning, They both love swimming and went under water with no problem. Joseph loves going under water so much he was saying and signing "more...more". Then we went to our usual spot, Coney Island, for lunch. We have been going to this Coney since the boys were babies, so we basically know all the staff. We even have our own booth! It was so cute today, the boys have not seen their favorite waitress, Danielle, in a few weeks. They walked in and ran right to her and gave her the biggest hug! Too funny, my little lover boys!

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