Friday, June 8, 2007

Up to the Wee Hours of the Night!

Dominic and Joseph have always been great sleepers. They both go down to bed between 7:00-8:00pm and wake around 8am. We rarely have problems putting them down to sleep, BUT last night Dominic did not want to sleep! He loves his new trains SO
much I think he just cannot settle himself down.

Matt and I tried everything to get him to calm down. We rocked, read, sang to him, played with his trains for a while, had a snack and juice and finally had to resort to the upstairs bridge. Dom loves running across the upstairs bridge. Every night before bed Joe and Dom both run up and down the bridge. It always seems to work off their last bit of energy. So I thought when Dom was still up at 10:00 playing with his train to try one more time of running down the bridge.

He loves to go into the spare bedroom, AKA Nannie's (my mom's) guest room, and get my Nana's (my Mom's mom) old purse. He's yelling down the bridge "Get Nana Jeeeean's purse!" If only my Nana knew how much joy and fun her beloved purse gives my boys. I was so tired last night but had to laugh at the scene.

What a character train in one hand, purse in other!

After this last run he was finally out by 10:10! The latest night he has ever had. I wish I would have tried this trick about an hour earlier! I was just worried he would wake-up Joseph. Of course, Joseph slept through everything!

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Anonymous said...

Liz, this is too funny! He looks just like you! Love you and miss you guys!