Thursday, July 12, 2007

Enjoying Every Moment of Motherhood

The boys woke-up around 8am this morning calling out for Nanny and Grandpa. I told them last night that my mom and dad were coming over to visit. It is so crazy how much they comprehend and remember these days.

They had a great day with my mom and dad. They love singing with Nanny on the swing and playing golf with Grandpa. I am really sad I did not take any pictures. My parents bought them each a matchbox car and of course they had to take it to bed with them. I just peeked in on them and they are both asleep with the cars in their hands!

After their therapy class we took them to "Donalds" (AKA McDonald's). They love it because the McDonalds we go to has a theme of race cars and there are matchbox cars everywhere!

The boys intensely coloring before their food comes-



The boys also got a gift in the mail from Auntie Chrissie, a Nemo sprinkler ring. It was too cold to use it tonight so we set it up in the house to practice jumping. The boys loved it. We had a VERY hard time putting it away and explaining we would use it outside tomorrow.



With all of my poking and prodding, Dominic's new shoes will be in early next week! I am so happy he does not have to wait long! We are also ordering him new braces. He has had a huge growth spurt!

Sometimes it makes me so sad to see my babies grow up SO fast. Ever since the first day the boys came home, I have wanted to freeze time especially when I rock them at night. When I am rushed and frazzled I try to remind myself to slow down and enjoy every moment.

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