Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Shoes Soon??

I have spent the past few days on the phone trying to get Dominic a larger size shoe for his Dennis Browne Bar that he wears at night. I just do not understand why it is so difficult and time consuming to get these type of things through insurance. His shoes are WAY too small. I now have to use the thinnest socks to even get the shoes on.

The Orthotic company is telling me it will be at least 2 weeks to get new shoes! I have decided to take things into my own hands and call the insurance authorizer myself, Linda. As a customer I am not suppose to call Linda directly, but someone I know, knows some she knows... and long story short I got her direct line. Linda is wonderful to work with as she also helped me get Joseph's second helmet authorized. Linda told me to have the Orthodic company fax over a medical authorization form and hopefully she could get things expedited. Sad but true, it is sometimes about who you know.

Dominic has been so good about wearing his Bar at night and during his nap. We have a little stool outside his bedroom that we call his "special chair" and as soon as we tell him to sit down he does so without complaining. He loves Nemo so it also helps I decorated the shoes with Nemo decals.

Tonight the boys found this old foot massager and loved it. Before I put Dominic's shoes and bar on, he wanted a foot massage. A little spoiled or what? So darn cute!

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Raynae said...

Your so good at keeping updated! It's empowering to here your stories of assertiveness! You go get um... please email me pics from all the parties. raynaebryan@yahoo.com