Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lots of Giggles and Love

Today my Mom and sister, Chrissie, spent the day at our house. The boys had a great time! Auntie Chrissie kept them giggling all day. The boys were so excited, that for the first time when we tried to put them to bed they screamed...and screamed...and screamed. After about 15 minutes and multiple attempts to calm them down they finally conked out!

Dominic was too excited to eat. He finally sat on Auntie's lap, had to wear her glasses and have her hand feed him. What a character!

Joe giving my mom a kiss (he ate all his dinner...plus)-

We took the boys outside to play with their water table. I thought we would try the potty chairs again. Joseph really gave it his all, but no success. Is this a picture or what??

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matthew said...

How come I get yelled at, arrested, and put on this "List" when I do this in public, Jeesh.