Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mommy's New "Toy"

For our Anniversary Matt bought me this awesome new camcorder called Flip Video. It is so small it can easily fit into my purse. I always wondered how other blogging moms transferred video clips so easily to their blog. I was reading another mom's blog and she mentioned this camcorder. It is unreal! I absolutely love it! I am not sure how I did not know about it before.

Here is a video I shot tonight. Just click on the arrow to play.


Raynae said...

Your blog is OUT-OF-CONTROL! How fabulous is that camcorder! You know my Bryan is not going to appreciate all this unbelievably cool stuff you are introducing me to! Your kids are just wonderful and I cherish all these fun daily moments you're sharing! Keep it up, you got me hooked!

Denise Gallagher said...

Your boys are beautiful. I have been following them all the way. Listen I work with Aunt Cathy at the Gogue, and went want to see the real thing. They are wonderful in pictures, but there is nothing like the real thing. PLease make arrangements to bring them here.
God bless you all.


Rose said...

Hi Liz, Matt and boys!
Uncle Spero and Aunt Rose send there love and thank you for getting this great camera so we can see the boys grow and share with you the excitement of all the news things they do! and get into! I love it!
xxxx hope to see you this winter! (down here again!) xx A.Rose

matthew said...

That's some brotherly love right there.