Monday, April 7, 2008

Smokin' Vitamin

This weekend I had to take Joseph to urgent care. He has had a cold for about a week, but now it has settled in his chest. When we got to the urgent care they measured his oxygen level and it was 85-86%. The normal oxygen level is anything 94%and above. Since his oxygen level was so low they took us right back, and started a breathing treatment. The doctor also came in right away and ordered some antibiotics and steroids.

The steroids taste awful and made him throw up. Poor guy...he has never thrown up before so he started freaking out. He screamed for 30 minutes..."I jus wanna go home...Where is my Dominic...No tank you" He was just pitiful.

I thought for sure they were going to admit Joseph to the hospital. Thankfully, his last oxygen level was 99% and he was able to come home.

I have had to give Joseph and Dominic breathing treatments at home. When I was first trying to explain about the treatment I told them it was like vitamins for their lungs. They love their vitamins so I thought they would associate the treatments with something good.

When I started Dominic's first treatment he looked at me and said "No mom, that is not a vitamin, it's a SMOKIN' vitamin" I just had to laugh.

The smokin' vitamin-

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