Saturday, April 5, 2008

Beautiful Day

It was absolutely beautiful today. We took the boys outside to ride on their new "twactors". It is so amazing how quickly they are growing!

We had an appointment with their Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor on Friday. Dr. D. said both boys are doing great. He cannot believe their improvement since November. They are both still going to need another set of braces (after they grow out of their current ones). They will likely wear the new set of braces for about six months and then Dr. D. will re-evaluate. Dr. D. said he really could not be any happier with their improvements. Dr. D was very nice to Matt and I, he shook our hands at the end of the appointment and told us what a great job Matt and I have done. That is just our job as a mom and do the best we can for our boys. I do feel very blessed that the boys have received early treatment for any lingering preemie issues.

The boys will also be re-evaluated for any physical therapy needs. The doctor wants the boys to be evaluated every 6-8 months just to make sure they are on track. Unfortunately, the only children's hospital in the area has a waiting list.

I really find it so difficult to accept a waiting list for children as they grow and change so rapidly. The last time the waiting list was 4-6 months long! I enrolled the boys in private physical therapy during the wait, but hopefully this time it will not be as long. The receptionist told me the wait was about 2 months which is not too bad.

We are so proud of you Joseph and Dominic! You have worked so hard and come so far! We love you with all our hearts.

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