Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dr. Appointment Update

My doctor appointment today went well. My ultrasound showed the area where the placenta tore away from the uterus wall has sealed back down. It does not mean it is completely healed because once it tears away it is never functional in that area. It does mean there is no more active bleeding or new tearing!! This is wonderful news!!! My doctor says he rarely sees these results and attributes it to my complete bed rest and prayers!

The only concerning finding on the ultrasound is the baby has only gained about 3 oz in 3 weeks. On the growth curve he went from the 97% and now he is 57%. His umbilical blood flow from the placenta was also on the high side of normal at 2.7 (normal is anything below 3). My doctor is not too concerned at this point. He said the growth could be related to ultrasound tech taking the measurements or from the baby not getting as much nourishment from the placenta. He said the baby is doing great right at this point, and he would only be immediately concerned if the baby would have dropped to the 10% on the growth curve.

My doctor started me back on my Innohep, a blood thinner, in hopes to increase the blood flow and nutrition to the baby. We will check the baby's growth again in 3 weeks. In the meantime, I will remain on bed rest with the new addition that I can walk downstairs once a day!

Below is a picture of the baby. The baby was all balled up, hence the sensation of pressure I have been feeling! That little stinker would not stop moving for a picture!

Thank you everyone who has supported and prayed for my family and I while I have been on bed rest.  I could not have done such a good job on bed rest without every one's help!

Love you,

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