Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Separate, but Always Together

Since I have been on bed rest, I have had time to reflect on all of the updates that could be done to our house.  Yes, I may be going slightly crazy, but that is what happens when you are confined to a 12x14 room!  These feelings of loss of control have lead to many "to do" lists for Matt.  I feel bad because I am quite sure, subconsciously, I am trying to regain some control by writing lists for others.  Yikes!!  But...Matt has been such a good sport and has done a great job juggling the kids, taking care of me, cooking, cleaning and completing home improvements.

Just before I went on bed rest, we decided to offer the boys a chance to have their own rooms.  To our surprise they both wanted their own rooms!!  So, after 5 years of never being more than 8 feet from each other, they would move into separate rooms.

Toddler Room-

The first time the boys were home together in their pack n play-

So sweet-

We ordered new bedroom sets and decided on new colors and bedding.  Unfortunately, I went on bed rest and could not help redo the rooms.  Over the next week, Matt turned our office into a bedroom, painted, washed bedding, hung paintings and organized closets.  

I absolutely love the boys' new rooms.  They are perfect and definitely reflect their personalities.  Joseph loves blue and wanted a space theme.  Dominic loves green and wanted a dog theme.  Here are some pictures of their new rooms.

I just cannot believe my babies have grown up so quickly and are now in their own "big boy" rooms. They both love their rooms and have only slept together once, when my mom stayed with us. I am so proud of them. They are definitely becoming more independent.


Heidi said...

I just read through your blog. I had bed rest with my first and third babies. It's tough but the time goes by and before you know it, you've held on to your little one long enough. That is long enough to survive outside their tummy home. Your boys rooms look great!

Janelle said...

Those are such cute big boy rooms!