Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pediatric Cardiologist

I had my 32 week ultrasound on Friday.  Baby D is measuring 4 lbs. 11 oz; similar to the size of a 33-34 weeker!  Unfortunately, they found a small heart defect called atrial septal aneurysm.  It is usually benign in a fetus and will hopefully heal within the first 80 days of life.  Tomorrow I have an appointment to see a pediatric cardiologist for an echo cardiogram just to make sure there is nothing else.

I was also in the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday for contractions.  The doctor gave me some additional medication called Terbutaline to take as needed for contractions.  It seems to be doing the trick, so we are much less worried.  The doctor did give me another round of steroid shots to mature the baby's lungs just in case I deliver early.  He said I will definitely not go past 36 weeks, which will be September 24th.  Less than 4 weeks away!!

This pregnancy has been a real "nail biter", but I am so thankful I am over 32 weeks!

The boys start Kindergarten on Tuesday!  This is a huge milestone for them and I am really emotional!  I think it may be a good thing I am on bed rest and not walk them into school :)

I love this picture of the boys. They think my bathtub is a pool. If I let them, they would stay in for hours!

Thank you everyone for all of your love and support!

I am having a problem downloading my new ultrasound pictures.  I will try again tomorrow.

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