Monday, August 30, 2010

32 Weeks!

Wow, I am 32 weeks!! I have had this date circled on my calendar since I first was placed on bed rest 10 weeks ago.  32 weeks was my long term goal and I am absolutely thrilled and relieved the day is finally here.  Each day I am given to grow Baby D is truly a blessing.  

Today, I had my appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist.  She was wonderful and said there was no need to worry.  The condition will most likely heal the first week of Baby D's life.  She will do another echo cardiogram right after he is born to make sure everything is okay.  What a relief!

I love the below picture.  The boys are SO excited to meet their new baby brother.  I bought them "Big brother" shirts and they ask me all the time when they can wear them!

How far along32 weeks!
Size of baby:  He measured 4 lbs. 11 oz. on Friday.
Movement:  He is very strong! Thankfully, he is still quiet at night, and does not wake me.  His active times are still 10 am and  10 pm.
Sleep: I am still having CRAZY dreams all night long!
Cravings:  Sonic root beer floats and apples.
What I miss:  The boys start Kindergarten tomorrow and I do feel bad I will not be able to walk them in.  
Best moment this week:  Seeing Baby D during the ultrasound and getting the good news from the cardiologist.
What I am looking forward to: Doctor's appointment on Friday. 

My sweet boys:


Aunt Rosie said...

That was good news Liz, thanks for sharing! Still praying, love to all!!

Marji said...

Great Pictures!!! You look great!