Monday, May 14, 2007

The Fall...

Well today was a very stressful, scary, worrisome day! The story goes:

The boys woke up late today around 8:30. I was getting ready for work and Matt went to get the boys up. Like everyday he opened up each boys crib tent(see pic below) and greeted them with a "Good Morning Boys"! As he was lifting Dominic out of his crib I walked in to see Joseph reaching over his crib railing yelling "Mickey"! He was trying to reach for his Mickey hat which was across the room on his dresser.

Because he is so top heavy, as he reached he flipped over the rail but kind of caught himself. Matt and I yelled "No Joe", but before we could reach him he had flipped himself over the rail landing on the hardwood floor.

Matt remembers that he caught himself with his hands first before his head hit the floor and his neck bent forward from a somersault. All I saw was his contorted neck and head. A vision Matt and I will never forget and do not even want to talk about anymore.

He cried right away so he did not lose consciousness. But, I was really worried about his head where he had his surgery. The top of his head is still weak and has a couple of areas where the bone is not totally filled in.

So off we went to the ER. How embarrassing for a Pediatric Nurse to bring her son in after falling out of his crib! Joseph was so good in the ER. They gave him some oral sedation and a CT scan. Everything came back normal- thank God!

So we are ALL recovering from our crazy day!

Now we have to decide what to do next. We are definitely buying 2 crib tents for my parents house. We debated about toddler beds but I think the boys are still not mature enough for them. So, our solution is to leave them locked in their crib tents and take them downstairs one at a time.

Even having the crib tents you can never predict how quickly things happen!!!!! Oh the lessons learned!

Here is a picture of the crib tents-

On a brighter note... while waiting for his CT scan Joseph recited his numbers 1-20! And Dominic continues to amaze me with his sensitivity. He was giving Joseph toys, pillows, and blankets all afternoon. I think he really felt sorry for him.

I am trying to do a little homeschooling with the boys. I found this wonderful and FREE website, ,that has a wonderful curriculum for toddlers. Tonight we learned about cows and the letter A. The boys colored pictures of cows (printed from the website), read a book about cows and used the letter A stamp. They loved it! I always wanted to be a teacher!!

I am off to have a cup of coffee, treat myself to a Kit Kat and watch the last episode King of Queens.

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