Thursday, May 17, 2007

Proud Mama

Joseph and Dominic both had Physical Therapy (PT) today. I am so proud of the boys. They have come so far over the past two years. Their determination and perseverance are truly inspirational to me.

Dominic goes to a conventional therapy program through Children's Hospital. He has a wonderful therapist named Kristen. He has always been a little hesitant and clung to Matt or I until today...something changed. As I pulled into the center he was chanting "Kisten...Kisten..." He confidently walked in and marched right back holding Kristen's hand. He did not even look back for me. What! Tuesday Kristen had to literally peel him off me to get a few measurements and that is all he would really do. Today he had so much fun he did not want to leave!

Joseph goes to a new physical therapy center, called Crawl, Walk, Run and Jump. This is a totally new physical therapy concept. The therapist uses tension cables with weights attached at the end to work certain muscle groups. Joseph benefits from this type of therapy because of his lower tone issues. They can increase the weights and isolate his exact muscles that are weak. He has done so well with this program. We really notice a difference when he runs. He now runs straight up and barely falls. He also has a wonderful therapist named Stefanie, or "tefie" to Joe. He also looks forward to seeing "tefie" and his therapy.

Here is some pictures of Joseph's PT- pretty interesting concept.

Sometimes it is hard to have the boys at two different therapies twice a week. But honestly, I feel so blessed to have found these two wonderful therapists concentrating on each boy's specific needs. I am very confident in the therapist's skills and treatment decisions. People in the medical field have told me I have the best of the best in the Detroit area.

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