Monday, July 9, 2007

Kichen's Are Not Just for Girls...

I really wanted to get the boys a play kitchen (against Matt's advice). So instead of paying $170 for a new one at Toys R Us, I bought one off of EBay for $25. What a deal!

I really think all kids, girls and boys, should be able to explore and use their imagination with play house things. The lady I bought it from was nice enough to drop it off during the boys nap. So I cleaned it off (if you know me I REALLY cleaned it off), and set it up for when the boys got up.

They were SO excited when they saw their new "kicken". At first they played very nice with it.

Dominic cooking his bulldozer and remote-

Dominic showing me his "cooked" bulldozer!-

Five minutes later Dominic decided to use his new "kicken" in a different way-

This is not exactly the pretend play I had envisioned, but I guess boys will be boys. They definitely love their new kitchen!

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