Monday, March 31, 2008

No More Highchairs

Last week, when Matt was out of town, I decided to take the boys to Red Robin. I decided to try something highchairs! The boys did great. I thought for sure they would be running around, but sure enough they just sat across from me without any problems.

Having twins is such a conversation starter. Everyone asks if they are twins and if they are identical. We always meet new people everywhere we go! We met 3 families just sitting in the booth!

During dinner, the staff would periodically sing Happy Birthday to children celebrating their birthday. The boys really got into clapping their hands and singing Happy Birthday to the kids. After they were done with dinner, I surprised them and had the staff sing Happy Birthday to them. They barely set Joseph's ice cream sundae down before he devoured it!



We had a great night. I cannot believe they are big boys sitting in a booth now. It just feels like yesterday when they were in their infant carriers resting in the booth. How time flies!


Ryan and Melanie said...

OH, they are just adorable! I am so impressed that they stayed in their seats. WOW!

Anonymous said...
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