Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby D's Name??

What are we going to name "Baby D"???

Matt and I are 90% sure we will name him Matthew, which means a gift from God.  He surely is a gift from God.  But, we were going to name Dominic, Matthew, until we looked at him and the name did not fit (definitely not because he was not a perfect gift from God). So just in case we have some back up names:

-Frank (Frankie)

I love Gavin and Nolan, but Matt does not like either.

You would think after 13 weeks of bed rest I would have had time to come up with a name!  We will just have to wait to see him to decide.

I go for a non-stress test tomorrow and plan on asking the nurse a lot of questions regarding the timing of my c-section.  We are still not 100% sure it will be on Monday.  There is still a chance  my doctor my decide to deliver the baby on Friday!  I have such mixed emotions about the delivery. On one hand I will be so glad to finally be done with bed rest and worrying.  On another hand, I do not plan on being pregnant again, so I want to cherish every last moment.

I am hoping to get some solid answers tomorrow, but I do not think there are any "solid" answers when it comes to Baby D!

Thank you for all of your love, support and prayers.


Wendy said...

Our youngest (surprise, miracle baby) son's middle name is Nathaniel which we choose because it also means Gift From God! :) I love the name Matthew but I have a friend who's not-so-nice husband's name is Matt so that made the decision a little easier.
Anyway, having had two c-sections myself, I can tell you they're really not that bad! I asked for a "binder" both times (something you can wear around your stomach afterwards that helps with pain and makes you feel more secure)so I highly recommend that!! Good luck Friday or Monday - whichever one it is!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz... baby D will have a good name no matter which you pick! Matthew is my favorite for many reasons, you two will make the right choice when you meet him! I love you and am praying still praying for all!! xxx said...

Happy Thanksgiving... miss and love you all!! More pic's please... I know your busy to all! love you Aunt Rosie

Heidi said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your family. I hope all went well with the birth of the baby.